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We are studying the Book of Ezra.  Ezra’s narrative reveals two main issues faced by the returning exiles: (1) the struggle to restore the temple and (2) the need for spiritual reformation. Both were necessary in order for the people to renew their fellowship with the Lord.  We face similar issues in our daily lives as we struggle with sin and the need for spiritual reform.


Join us Sunday morning as we explore and discuss how we can work out God’s power in our daily lives.


Links to Lessons in Ezra
Ezra Chap 3:7-13 Work Begins (3/8)
Ezra Chap 3:7-13 Work Begins – Discussion Questions
Ezra Chap 3:1-6 Worship (2/15 & 22)
Ezra Chap 3:1-6 – Getting the Priorities Right – Discussion Questions
Ezra Chap 2 - The Homecoming (2/8/15)
Ezra Chap 2 Questions -The Homecoming – Discussion Questions
Ezra Chap 1 – God Stirs (1/25/2015)
Ezra Chap 1 Study Questions
Ezra Introduction  (1/11/15 & 1/18/15)
Ezra Introduction – Weekly Questions – Lessons 1 & 2 (Word doc)




Up Coming Events:     March Social – Sunday March 8.  Place:  Sawmill Tap Room.



Links to Lessons in Jonah  (Dec 14/Jan 15)
Jonah — a man running from, to,with and ahead of God (Winter 2014/15)


Links to Lessons in James (Fall 2014)

James Chap 1:1         Introduction / Overview   (9/7)

James Chap 1:2-12     Trials and Triumphs(9/14)

James Chap 1:13-18   Handling Temptations(9/21)

James Chap 1:19-27   Quit Kidding Yourself (9/28)

James Chap 2:1-13     Rich Man, Poor Man (10/5)
James Chap 2:14-26   False Faith (10/12)
James Chap 3:1-12     Taming the Tongue (10/19)
James Chap 3:13-18   Wisdom That Matters (11/2)
James Chap 4:1-12     Wars within Us  (11/9)
James Chap 4:13-17   Side-Stepping God (11/16)
James Chap 5:1 – 6    Condemnation through Covetousness (11/23)
James Chap 5:7 – 12  Patience in Suffering (11/30)
James Chap 5:13-20   Prayer of Faith (12/7)


Spring 2014 kicked off the study in the book of Nehemiah.  Nehemiah was a man of prayer, faith and action.  His reliance on God allowed him to overcome insurmountable obstacles, both from outside and within the Jewish remnant in Judah.


Links to Documents Nehemiah


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