The name Christ Baptist was chosen because he is the Christ and because of the desire of church members to identify directly with him.  Christ Baptist Church is a diverse community of believers brought together by the transforming grace of Jesus Christ. As a church built on the inerrant truth of the Bible, we are devoted to building an engaged, passionate, spiritually healthy community of people through four core principles:

Worship will focus on the holiness, majesty, and sovereignty of God. Preaching and teaching will be the verse-by-verse exposition of the Bible. Music will be theologically sound and appropriately reverent in uniting text and tune.

The staff and other leaders will equip the saints for ministry, that is, for the work of the church that includes edification, evangelism and missions.

The emphasis on evangelistic missions is to involve the entire congregation.

Salt & Light
Christ Baptist Church will be engaged with prevailing cultural issues, confronting the culture with Christian alternatives to social evils, thus becoming salt and light to the culture. All will be invited to consider and embrace biblical principles. This ministry will be two-pronged: it will be aggressively proactive in confrontation, but lovingly redemptive in promoting the biblical remedy.