Women’s Event Publicity Request

Women's Event Publicity Request

1. Before submitting this Publicity Request, you must first complete a Facility Request and WAIT FOR APPROVAL FROM CHURCH STAFF on your event and room request. Remember that events are not automatically approved.

2. After above approval is received, provide required information on this Publicity Request, which will be sent to the Women's Publicity Guild to plan for your event.

3. Allow a MINIMUM lead time of three weeks for event approval and publicity.

  • Enter here the name of the event as you want it to be publicized.
  • Make sure you make this "exciting" and something that will make people want to attend.
  • List the types of persons the event is for; e.g., adults; married, single, guests, or teens.
  • :
  • :
  • Event Contact Information

  • Donations

    NOTE: Be sure that church staff is aware ahead of time that items are being collected and deadlines for collection.

  • If a specific location for the event has been approved, enter it here so it can be posted on the publicity materials.