In our ministry we focus on four areas of life that we believe every college student truly seeks. First, we want to provide you a place to develop meaningful Relationships. God wired each of us with an innate need for other people with whom to go through life. College students are no different. It is our desire that you will develop deep relationships with other college students who are on the same spiritual journey as you.

We also want to help you live a life of Passion. Jesus came to give us life to the fullest…and that’s something we never forget. Getting involved in the college ministry is your first step toward true significance and purpose.

Relationships and passion without Truth mean very little. You probably have scores of people – parents, professors, employers, whoever – who have opinions about how you should live your life. But they are just that – opinions. We want to help you search out the Bible for the truth about how to live a life of eternal significance.

Finally, we firmly believe in Authenticity. None of us are perfect. Each of us is on a journey toward becoming the person that God wants us to be. We look forward to joining you on the journey of a lifetime!

The College Ministry meets on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. as well as various times throughout the month for fellowship and outreach events. Please contact Michael Bennett for more information on the College Ministry.