Single & Parenting


Find help dealing with how to be a single parent

Other people don’t truly understand how tough it is to be a single parent—day after day after day. Sometimes you want to give up. And that’s a normal reaction—you’re doing the job of two people. You should be tired.

The thing is, you deeply desire to do what’s best for your kids, but you worry that you can’t. Sometimes it’s all you can do to survive from one day to the next.

So what can you do?

Our Single & Parenting group addresses these concerns. You’ll discover how to deal with your deep-down worries and your day-to-day struggles while meeting with other single parents to learn and discuss some amazing parenting strategies and hope-filled insights.

Meetings are Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm. Don’t wait, take that first step today and call us to register. For more information on times and locations, call 919-573-5454 or e-mail

To register for the next session now go here: Register Here.  If you have children ages 0-4 and you need our free child care support you can register for that here:  Child Care Registration.

What can I expect?

A Seminar with Experts

During the first 30–40 minutes of the meeting, each Single & Parenting group watches a video seminar featuring top experts on” target=”_blank”>single parenting subjects. These videos are produced in an interesting-to-watch television magazine format featuring expert interviews, real-life case studies and on-location video.

A Support Group with Focus

After viewing the video, you’ll spend time in a small group and discuss the video concepts and how to apply them. Each group member will also have the opportunity to talk about what is going on in his or her life. It’s encouraging to realize the things you’re facing as a single parent are normal and survivable!

Workbook-Based Personal Study and Reflection

During the week you will have the opportunity to apply the strategies to your daily life. Short, daily workbook exercises help you adjust the tips to work for you. Whatever your struggles—kids, discipline, exhaustion, money, ex-partner, depression, anger—the workbook helps you address the situation at its source.

Tell Me More about Single & Parenting

The following video will hopefully give you a better idea of what the Single & Parenting support group is like and how it can help you deal with parenting as a single person.

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