Tuesday Night Bible Study

Looking for a friendly Bible study?  Join us Tuesday Night Bible from 6:30 to 8:30PM in the lower level of the church.   This informal, welcoming small group study is open to men and women of all ages.  Members and non-members are welcome.  No registration required.  Come join us when you can.    We will beginning the Book of Acts in the Fall, starting on September 15, 2015. 

We are studying the Book of Ezra which recorded the events of the return from the Babylonian exile, and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem.  Our LORD is a God of second chances.  He is faithful in fulfilling His promises and so the Jews return to Jerusalem from their exile in Babylon.  Like the returning Jewish people, he is faithful to us in bringing us out of sin if we focus our eyes on Him and accept Him as our savior.

Links to Lessons in Ezra
Ezra Chap 10 Confessed Sin An Unhappy Ending (5/12/15)
Ezra Chap 10 Confessed Sin – An Unhappy Ending (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 9 Faithless People Faithful God (5/5/15)
Ezra Chap 9 Faithless People, Faithful God  (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 8 The Willing Remnant  (4/28/15)
Ezra Chap 8 The Willing Remnant (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 7 Ezra Arrives (4/14 & 4/21/15)
Ezra Chap 7:11-28 Ezra Arrives (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 7:1-10 Ezra Arrives (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 6 Darius’ Response toTattenai (4/7/15)
Ezra Chap 6 Darius Response (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 5 Tattenai’s Letter to Darius (3/31/15)
Ezra Chap 5 Tattenai’s Letter to Darius (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 5:1-2, Haggai Chap 1 Command to Rebuild the Temple (3/24/15)
Ezra Chap 5:1-2; Haggai Chap 1 Command to Rebuild the Temple (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 4:1-24 Opposition Rises
Ezra Chap 4:1-24 Opposition to the Rebuilding (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 3:7-13 Work Begins
Ezra Chap 3:7-13 Work Begins (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 3:1-6 Worship (2/24)
Ezra Chap 3:1-6 Getting the Priorities Right (Discussion Questions)
Ezra Chap 2 Questions -The Homecoming
Ezra Chap 1 – God Stirs (2/3)
Ezra Chap 1 Study Questions – Lessons 2 (2/3)
Ezra Introduction – Lesson 1  discussion questions (Word Doc)
Ezra Introduction – Lesson 1 PPT (1/20)

Links to Lessons previous lessons in James (Fall 2014)
James Chap 1:1             Introduction /Overview (9/9)
James Chap 1:2 – 15     Trials and Triumphs
James Chap 1:13 – 18   Handling Temptation (9/23)
James Chap 1:19 – 27   Quit Kidding Yourself (9/30)
James Chap 2:1-13        Rich Man, Poor Man (10/7)
James Chap 2:14-26     False Faith (10/14)
James Chap 3:1-12       Taming the Tongue (10/21)
James Chap 3:13-18     Wisdom That Matters (10/29)
James Chap 4:1-12       Wars within Us (11/11)
James Chap 4:13-17     Side-Stepping God (11/18)
James Chap:5:1-6         Condemnation through Covetousness (12/2)
James Chap 5:7-12       Patience in Suffering (12/8)
James Chap 5:13-20     Prayer of Faith (12/8)


For more information contact Ed Thum at edthum@gmail.com.

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